TXTPower is an organization of cellphone users that aims to empower Filipinos both as consumers and as citizens.

As a consumer advocacy group, TXTPower is for lower call and text rates, for greater access to telecommunications services, for protection from monopolies and oligopolies and their abuses and for government to lead the way in the development and use of telecommunications for the people’s good.

As a citizens’ group, TXTPower draws inspiration from the use of technology (mobile telephony and the internet) in pushing reforms as in People Power 2. It is totally against government attempts to violate the people’s right to privacy of communications and to free expression. It is for the widespread use of technological tools to advance sectoral and national interests, to expose criminal acts against Filipinos, and to champion reforms too.

Mostly 35 years old and below, TXTPower convenors come from and speak for various professions and sectors. Most also come from activist and progressive groups.

What we have done

• Fought and delayed the plan of Smart and Globe to drastically reduce free text allocations for all their subscribers.

• Represented consumers in various public hearings undertaken by committees of the House of Representatives.

• Defeated the proposed text tax from the first time it was proposed by Jose Isidro Camacho and all succeeding times the Arroyo government tried to impose it. Through a texters revolt, we secured an assurance from Speaker Jose de Venecia that no such measure will be adopted by the House of Representatives.

• Defeated the proposed compulsory registration of all prepaid SIM cards.

• Proposed unlimited schemes and lower prices and rates of telecommunications services and supported subsequent attempts to maintain unlimited call and text services by a new telco.


Currently, the convenors of TXTPower include:

Raymond Palatino, Kabataan Partylist President, former chairman of he UP Student Council which led the UP contingent in Edsa 2 and former president of the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP). The Supreme Court upheld Kabataan Partylist’s 2007 election victory in April 2009, sending Mong to Congress as the first elected youth representative in Philippine history.

Emil Cinco, open source software advocate and leading member of the Computer Professionals Union.

Giovanni Tapang PhD, chairperson of the scientists group Agham and a physics professor at the University of the Philippines.

Anthony Ian Cruz, or Tonyo, is one of TXTPower’s cofounders. He is now a freelance journalist after working as reporter for Asahi Shimbun and Malaya. His new personal blog is Peborit.

Trixie Concepcion, environmentalist, Philippine coordinator of the Earth Island Institute and Agham secretary-general.

Jayvie M. Dorado, a student and student assistant at STI College Edsa Crossing.

Kim Gargar, a former physics professor and blogger.

Ana Celestial is a leader of Agham Youth.

Gerry Kaimo, reknowned net-activist and webmaster of PLDT.com

Atom Araullo, media personality and TV host, triathlete, student leader and chairperson of Stand-UP, the largest student alliance in UP Diliman.

Ederic Eder, editor of youth e-zine Tinig.com, co-convenor of anti-war cybergroup Filipino Youth for Peace, and an editor for a leading Internet portal.

Past convenors include campus journalists Len Olea and Rey Asis, triathlete Sandra Araullo, professors Tonchi Tinio and Roland Tolentino and visual artist Emil Mercado.

Our mailing address: P.O. Box 268 Araneta Center Cubao 1135 Philippines

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